With a childhood spent on both the coast and the interior of British Columbia, it is perhaps inevitable that the landscape would figure largely in my work. The drama of the land as an image was imprinted on me at an early age.

The work begins with documenting the landscape. The photographs capture bushes, fields, a single tree, groupings of trees, wide open spaces and skies. Occasionally I set my lens on trees in the urban landscape.

These photographs are anecdotal in feel - the random, non-precious recordings of a moment. During the translation of the image onto canvas, the painted surface is manipulated by literally pushing paint at different intervals, creating an elasticity that alludes to a landscape in motion, lending a cinematic overtone and a gestural energy. Wavering between realistic representation and abstraction, the finished work relates as much to imagination, colour and ethereal space as it does to the visible world itself.

The paintings get at the blur that is time - a fleeting moment, a flash, a streak of paint racing too fast, an image lost as quickly as it is found . . . a metaphor for life perhaps . . .